Born in Hayama town, Kanagawa.
Design Office ZERO LINE was founded in 2003.
SONE YASUHIRO DESIGN INC. was founded in 2014.


Yasuhiro Sone is a designer in a wide variety of fields: architecture, interior design, graphic design and event planning.

His design philosophy is that a space is complete when people are present. He analyzes each client’s needs using his

keen insight and visualization skills. As design challenges vary depending on the project, the solution to those

challenges also varies with each project and client. Therefore, the designing for each project is continuous process.

In contemporary design setting, the value of a space is a function of the time people spend there. He is particular about

details. His approach to design is flexible and a full range of feasible alternatives is always considered. His design

concepts diverge from contemporary stereotypical rules and manuals. In the end, his client’s values and visions are

reflected in designs that manifest creativity and new ideas and relationships.



□ 2015 SDA Japanese signature design award
□ BAMBOO AWARD 2017 Bronze Prize
□ JAAF Award 2018
□ JCD Design Award 2018
□ DSA Design Space Award 2018