“T-LAB.” is an institute that explores various areas of holistic medicine such as aromatherapy and music therapy.The main objective is to establish possibilities for new treatments of various symptoms and disorders in integrated care.The basis for the design concept is the honeycomb.The whole space is constructed in the shape of a honeycomb to intuitively convey the image of the laboratory. The design was inspired by “honeycomb chassis,” which are used for audio systems and for illustrating chemical symbols in the medical field.The designer, Yasuhiro Sone, noted the image expresses as if the honeycomb spread out continuously in the entire space.Moreover, he planned the space such that it does not use corridors to express the continuity.In this sophisticated space, he designed signs that use an equalizer motif inspired by sound.He also used a color tone that carries a psychical healing effect. Moreover, the room number signs are eye catchy and make use of original pictograms, which help people to navigate smoothly through the space. The honeycomb represents the continuity spread throughout the space and a feeling of connection. This design is linked with the aim of the facility, which is to explore possibilities.

SDA AWARD 2015 Winning of the prize
Place Yokohama, Kanagawa
Completion October,2014
Shot by Nacasa & Partners