Vantan Design Institute, SOKO YokohamaIn this project, the old warehouse, which is a large space, is converted to a design school. The ceiling is 6 m high, and the area is approximately 972 m2.Inspired by space changes in town, the school’s designer, Yasuhiro Sone, thought that people can freely roam there.In the middle of the design school, he included a catwalk from which students, teachers, and visitors can view the classes. This landing has no specific purpose; therefore, anyone can meet freely in that space.The classroom has no enclosing walls and is partitioned by movable panels, which offer a study environment that allows students to improve their grades through healthy competition.By focusing on the building’s history as a warehouse, the designer planned to offer a learning environment diverging from the stereotype of a school building.

Place Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa
Construction Taisei
Shot by Youichi Tanabe
Completion March,2006