Nightscape development project Another Yokohama photo exhibition



Two events were held simultaneously at the Zou-no-hana Terrace, Yokohama.One is “Elephant Travel Bureau (ETB),” an imaginary travel agency that aims to promote the appeal of Yokohama, whereas the other is the exhibition Yokohama night view project “Trip to Artistic Encounter!!”, by photographer Hideo Mori and artist Kyota Takahashi. The designer planned the exhibition space of these two events.His plan was to create a travel agency vibe in an art space. In a photo exhibition, he laid out night view photographs in various sizes and of different scenes as if they appears to be floating. In an outdoor exhibition panel with a photographic film motif, visitors can appreciate night view photos of Yokohama presented as a slide show.

Place Yokohama”Elephant’s nose terrace”
Construction seiyusha
Completion September,2010