This project is to renovate the old-Japanese style house: 2-storied wooden houseThe house is located in Gero-shi,Gifu-ken, Japan , and surrounded by the place full of nature and greenery environment.Yasuhiro Sone is a designer who planed only inside of the house to make the space reborn and left the outside of the house unchanged, which harmonizes with nature as one of the scene. He also planed to leave Beams and pillars and removed 2nd floor and partition walls to make the inside of the house into one. The living rooms and a bathroom were put into side of space, and in the middle of space, each room is connected by catwalk.The powerful construction which supported the house for very long time are purposely disclosed to view, compose dynamically the coexistence of old and new materials.


Place Gero, Gifu
Completion August,2014